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Monday, 4 April 2011

Redbridge Pensioners stave off Racists

On Thursday 24th March at about 7.45pm 6 to 7 young men attacked Redbridge Islamic Centre, shouting racist and islamophobic abuse.   Several elderly worshippers were terrified as the group smashed their way through the front door, causing criminal damage to windows of the mosque and causing minor injuries to those present including the Imam.
Yet the Muslim community can be proud of its pensioners who led the way in self-defenc e fighting off the attackers in a bid to prevent further damage to the mosque and local cars and houses.  Upon hearing the noise, younger community members also came to the rescue of the elderly men chasing the attackers until they could safely turn them over the Police.
Thanks to the heroism of the community and their measured response 6 men were arrested and an investigation is underway.
An announcement of the event was made to concerned Friday prayer worshippers the day after and the Police and local councillors were in attendance to reassure the community of their support.
The Redbridge Islamic Centre immediately issued an official press release with the correct version of events and are clear that such cowardly attacks will not deter their community work and timetable of enriching educational events.  In fact RIC plan to work harder to engage with the local community and counter Islamophobia.  Congratulations to Redbridge Islamic Centre and the local community for their organisation and bravery!

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