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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

An Epic Journey

Heart-moving Qur’an recitation and thought provoking Tafsir were how 400 students chose to spend the weekend of 9th and 10th April at Al Kauthar’s Surah Yusuf course.  Few noticed the sunshine and the ambient temperature outside as we basked enraptured in what Allah terms the ‘best of stories’.  Interestingly Surah Yusuf was revealed to Mohammad (pbuh) in response to a test by the people of the time who asked him about Joseph in order to prove that he was a true Prophet.  Allah responded by sending forth these wonderful verses, with information previously unknown to the Prophet.  Its timing was also critical at a point when the early Muslims were being severely tested and needed to be soothed with a story of joy after adversity.
The witty Sheikh Sajid Umar captained the journey as we navigated Fiqh, Arabic language and Tafsir dipping in and out of analysis.  Students enjoyed his melodious recitation as we were transported from a prison cell to a palace with the handsome Yusuf who patiently bore test after test, turning to Allah with every step.  We learnt of the anguish of his father Yacob who was told Yusuf had been eaten by wolves.  Tips on parenting, giving dawah, teaching and even marriage were given before the final happy ending.  Allah concludes the chapter with ‘In their histories, there is certainly a lesson for men of understanding’.  Indeed, in the words of Sheikh Umar ‘this chapter is itself a madrassah of learning’ – will you be amongst those who understand?

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