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Monday, 20 December 2010

Tackling Gang Culture and Youth Crime

With reports of rising violent crime in Britain, drug addiction and imprisonment it is easy to feel  despondant.  Roadside to Islam is an inspiring website made by the youth for the youth.  With graphics designed to attract a younger audience, it features pages of real life stories on how Islam has turned around people's lives, taking them from the streets and drug houses, from the deepest of depression to a real sense of purpose and meaning in life and enriching their relationships with family.

The video page opens with UK Apache, who reached infamy in the Jungle music scene for his big Club hit 'Original Nuttah' in 1994.  Sporting full beard and now a practising muslim, Abdul Wahab describes how he made the choice to move away from the Club scene and all its attractions towards the beauty of Islam.  He advises the youth that 'everything has a price to pay...and gang life has a price to pay' 'you may think I'm in a gang and its like a family...but there's no family in it...when the real thing kicks off they won't have your back...and when it does kick off it kicks off seriously nowadays...'

In the video below, a convert originally called Brady, now Nabeel Abdullah, tells his story.
Deadpan,  he narrates doing burglaries at 13, prison at 14 and a father and crack cocaine seller at 17.  Over the next few years he found Islam through a number of strange twists of fate.  He advises the youth that gang culture just can't go on.  Now aged 40 he describes that there's no-one left of his generation 'you'll either get killed or you'll end up in jail...'

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