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Monday, 17 January 2011

Changing the World through Dawah - iERA conference 2011

On Sunday 16th January iERA, the Islamic Education and Research Academy, hosted its biggest Dawah conference yet attracting over 700 Muslims from organisations such as Mercy Mission, Islam Channel, FOSIS, Jumah magazine, Al Maghrib and Muslim Council of Britain. Members of Parliament were also in attendance.

With talks by Abdullah Hakim Quick, Hamza Tzortzis, Abdur Raheem Green and Sheikh Ala El Sayed on the sheer necessity of Dawah the event was high energy, at times emotional and insightful into iERA's work in society.

iERA is a convert led, research based Dawah organisation that seeks to educate the whole of society about Islam's true message - that of worshipping one God alone and believing that he sent a string of messengers from Adam through to Moses, Jesus to Mohammad to remind mankind of this central goal of life.

Amongst other projects, iERA also aims to support new converts with information packs and retreats and to conduct research into why people choose to convert and why some choose to leave again.  It seeks to raise the standard of educational publications, freshen the tone and style so as to be enjoyable to all audiences and engage with high profile secular speakers in debate fashion.

Sunday's conference was preceded by a high profile fundraising dinner at the Hilton Hotel London on Saturday 15th January.

If you are interested in giving dawah you can sign up to iERA's next training course on Saturday 22nd January following the link below

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